clipproperties: Keyframes added on play bug fixed

Authored by stefanzzz on Jul 4 2017, 4:04 PM.



When playing the preview, unintended keyframes were sometimes added. This
happened because changes in the source properties led to changes in spin
button values, which were misinterpreted as user inputs.

Depends on D1769

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rPTV Pitivi

We should rather make sure the callback is disconnected when playing I think.

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What I actually intended to do was make sure that I don't get the "value-changed" signal when I'm modifying the value of the spinbutton from code. That would ensure that keyframes are added only when the user is the one inputting a new value. I could do that by disconnecting the callback as well, but I figured a temporary block of the handler would be more appropriate (it seems like it should have less overhead).

aleb added a comment.Jul 7 2017, 9:02 PM

I remember in other places we use an instance field to know whether we are causing that event (and it should be ignored) or the user is. But this seems nice and usable in other places, I did not know about it.

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In other places we disconnect but you are right, using an handler block makes sense here.

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