Support uploading/publishing to YouTube directly from the UI
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User story: As a cat owner, I want to get my cat videos onto YouTube as conveniently as possible.

A "Publish to YouTube" menu item in the UI would accomplish this.

I have already started working on it, and put my work at

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I had a look at it his morning and it looks like a really good start. The code seems fairly clean though I haven't gone over it line-by-line.

The UI seems about right to me. I could recommend some cosmetic tweaks, and Jeff could probably recommend some more, but fundamentally it looks good.

As for the render/upload, I see what you mean about the seeking. I can't really comment on how to do that properly. I'm positive that it's doable, you just need to ask the right people.

Elaborating a bit on the "As for the render/upload, I see what you mean about the seeking"-part:

My approach for implementing YouTube-uploading is to take these two components that I haven't written -- gstreamer and Google's youtube module for Python -- and get them to talk to each other. I was thinking a named pipe would be well suited for this.

However, when I ask gstreamer to render to a pipe it tries to seek in it as if it were a regular file, causing an error and a termination of the rendering. This behaves in the same way in the regular "Project->Render"-rendering (Just use mkfifo on the command line and render to this file) and the "Project->Publish to YouTube"-thing I am trying to make (which makes it render to a temporary named pipe).

Today I also discovered that in some configurations gstreamer will not try to seek. I think using ogg as a container does not need seeking. However, when I try to use WebM it seems to always require seeking.

Can we tell gstreamer to "make this a WebM, but avoid seeking"?

Okay, the gstreamer seeking thing is solved.

Solution: Require settings for an output format that doesn't need seeking. An example of this is WebM with streamable=true.

This solution is satisfactory because it is a good idea to limit the amounts of settings for the user. We could offer a few sensible presets, to give the user some control of bandwidth and possibly cpu usage.

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Some more work for Vimeo and DailyMotion can be found in - There is a high chance it's obsolete by now.

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