Fix the autoaligner to use the new waveforms cache generator and GES Assets
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We had a working automatic clip alignment feature in 0.15.x, which used Pitivi's audio waveforms processing module... however, this module has been replaced by a faster, better, stronger (more precise) module that happens to have a part of it written in C for performance (see "pitivi/coptimizations/renderer.c" and the way we use it in pitivi/timeline/

We need to port to it, and also to use GES Assets (that part should be trivial).

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As is, the current code in coptimizations is only used for transforming the one dimensional data obtained through the "level" element into a two dimensional cairo surface.

The level generation is done in python, and the waveforms data is pickled in ~/.cache/pitivi/waves .

What must be done is find a way make the aligner use that data, if necessary creating it itself, and avoiding races with the waveform's code, so you might want to rephrase the report to remove the mention to coptimizations.

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