Enable easier transitions for fade in/out, etc.
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Hello friends. I noticed that Pitivi's ability to incorporate fade in/out's doesn't seem that user friendly. In order to add this capability, one must drag sliders across the individual picture to initiate a fade in or fade out type of transition. This is incredibly tedious, even for a handful of pictures. Consider my current project which will likely last me years (family movie that I started while dating, and will continue on with life events, such as anniversaries, kids, kids birthdays, kids graduation, etc), selecting each individual item to have a consistent 1.0 second or so fade in *and* out for each image is a headache.

Compare this to another project, namely OpenShot, where all you have to do is right click on the image and select fade in+out (fast), or fade in+out (slow). While OpenShot's functionality does not enable a "global" way to apply this functionality to each and every picture/video segment, it is exponentially easier to quickly right click - bam, right click - bam, as opposed to Pitivi's current implementation where you need to drag sliders (equally for consistency) for each and every picture/video segment. It is my hope that the above will be considered as a feature add-in.

Thank you for your time! :)

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Isn't it a particular case of T7715 ?

This idea comes to my mind:

UC-1: Add a fixed transition to multiple images:

  1. Select a bunch of video/image clips
  2. Right Click
  3. Select "Add fixed transitions".
  4. Clips are reordered with transitions added in between during N seconds each transiton.

Precondition: N is previusly set in Preferences Dialog
Postcondition: Clips are reordered and transitions added

UC-2: Select transitions only

  1. Select a bunch of clips
  2. Right click
  3. Select "Select transitions only"

Precondition: There are some clips in the timeline
Postcondition: Only the transition clips kept selected

UC-3: Set a transition type and change values for multiple transitions

  1. Select a bunch of transitions (They can be selected through UC-2)
  2. Change a Transition by selecting an icon in the TransitionWidget
  3. Change "Normal", "Loop", "Reverse" properties in the TransitionWidget

Pre-condition: There are transition clips in the Timeline
Post-condition: Transition types and properties are changed for all the selected transitions at the same time

What do you think?

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