Replace the 10-band and 3-band equalizer audio filters by a custom curve UI controlling the GStreamer "N Band Equalizer" plugin
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So while the 10-band and 3-band audio equalizer filters don't work (bug #T3261), there also seems to be an audio effect available called "N Band Equalizer". The thing is, if you look at it in Pitivi the only UI you get is a slider for the "num-bands" property.

The problem is that this makes little sense if you can't control the loudness of each frequency band. Looking at this is not set through a property.

So you'd need to do two things:

  • Some backend stuff to get the band values to work (see above), which would involve GES.
  • Implement the infrastructure for easily creating custom effect UIs (bug #T3263)

If we had a custom UI for this effect, where users could control a "histogram" of many sliders (probably laid out in vertical orientations instead of horizontal), the UI could have a combobox offering some presets for the "Precision": [3 bands, 10 bands, 16 bands, 32 bands, 64 bands]. If so, then we could just have one standard UI/effect and blacklist the 3-band and 10-band filters.

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