Allow customizing the current shortcuts
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We currently use the add_accelerator method from Application and from Window and according to it has to be replaced:

Accelerators added through this function are not user changeable during runtime. 
If you want to support accelerators that can be changed by the user, 
use Gtk.AccelMap.add_entry() and Gtk.Widget.set_accel_path() or 
Gtk.MenuItem.set_accel_path() instead.


Differential Revisions
D1326: prefs: Make the group titles in the list easier to distinguish
D1325: preset: Reuse alter_style_class
D1324: shortcuts: Make sure the groups appear in the same order
D1323: prefs: Make sure the broom icon has no space to the right
D1322: prefs: Fix two Project groups in the list
D1321: prefs: Capitalize the title of the dialog
D1320: prefs: Remove forced newlines in labels
D1319: prefs: Fix dialog padding
D1318: prefs: Remove unused field
D1317: prefs: Do not show the current accelerator in the dialog
D1316: prefs: Remove the already-set label
D1315: prefs: Handle the user response in a single place
D1314: prefs: Create the Apply/Replace buttons only once
D1313: prefs: Remove method and shuffle the setup code
D1312: prefs: Initialize labels only once
D1311: prefs: Simplify some boolean expressions
D1310: prefs: Move the already-used logic to the shortcuts manager
D1309: shortcuts: Make sure a group can be registered only once
D1308: prefs: Move the is-changed logic to the shortcuts manager
D1307: prefs: Reset the keyboard shortcuts when factory resetting
D1306: prefs: Remove unneeded operations
D1305: prefs: Remove minimum width for the sidebar
D1303: Replace <Control> with <Primary> for accelerators
D1220: preferences: Add section for customising shortcuts
D1180: shortcuts: add reset_accels() functionality
D1160: shortcuts: Allow loading and saving of custom accelerators
D1158: tests_: Check shortcuts groups
D1157: shortcuts: Refactor shortcut management logic
D1066: Accelerators refactored to use app.set_accels_for_action()
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Before going to deep into this, check out this mockup of how to set keyboard shortcuts in Gnome's settings app:

The implementation of the very similar keyboard panel of the Gnome Control Center can be found at

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