Error on loading project: _async_done_not_received_cb: we didn't get async done, this is a bug
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Upon loading a large project, the interface freezes with no preview available, and the command line outputs the following two errors:

ERROR 18:50:17 pipeline pitivi+utils+pipeline+pipeline0 _async_done_not_received_cb: we didn't get async done, this is a bug (../../app/lib/pitivi/python/pitivi/utils/
ERROR 18:50:17 pipeline pitivi+utils+pipeline+pipeline0 _recover: Pipeline error detected during playback, resetting -- num tries: 0 (../../app/lib/pitivi/python/pitivi/utils/

This occurs running the latest flatpak.

One project this occurs with is available here as a tar:!2dsX0TRQ!lhVB0vFgoqmlFLYYqT0muWqMBt8g7HfZhiNqGFFjS8I

Heads up: It's more than 7 gigs, so downloading will take a while.

erusan created this task.Aug 2 2017, 1:56 AM

That is fixed now right?

Mostly. I was just able to replicate this by loading other apps while Pitivi was still loading, which made it freeze, but clicking on "Wait" in the dialog window made Pitivi load right away. Other than that, I haven't seen the problem.

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