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Here are some ideas for simple entry-level tasks, that people wanting to apply for GSoC can do to show their basic skills.

The tasks are simple and easy, but not as trivial as typo fixing. They require some basic programming and a little bit of digging into the target software. Part of the test is submitting patches upstream properly formatted and following upstream guidelines. Success is judged primarily by getting a patch merged upstream.

Note: these tasks are meant for potential GSoC students. If you are not going to apply for GSoC on Wayland, please do not steal these tasks from those who need them for GSoC.

Students should complete their small contribution before the application deadline. By doing this, students show that they can work with the work flow and tools used by the Wayland community.

Students should avoid picking tasks someone else is already working on. If you pick a task that is already worked on, you either get turned down or the earlier person has to find a new task. To find out if someone is already working on a task, check the associated Bugzilla or Phrabricator report if there is one, check the patch list in Patchwork and the wayland-devel email archives starting from March 2016.

You may find these references useful:

Potential mentors (these are the people who have volunteered to help out, you can find them on IRC):

Enhance weston-desktop-shell panel's clock (done)

Currently the format is hardcoded. Make it configurable as none/minutes/seconds. "minutes" is what it does right now. "none" is no clock at all. "seconds" would be clock with seconds. Obviously update rate needs to depend on the option.

A trivial wayland-scanner test

One of:
- no change in output: T3313

Xwayland logs in Weston

Does xwayland produce any logs? They are certainly not stored anywhere.

  • get xwayland logs into Weston's log

Check toytoolkit shm space reservation


data_length_for_shm_surface() hardcodes ARGB32 while we can also have RGB16. Fix this so that toytoolkit does not allocate twice the memory for RGB16 buffers.

Also refactor display_create_shm_surface_from_pool() to use data_length_for_shm_surface().

Use a fallback cursor in toytoolkit


If a certain cursor is not found, use something else rather than no cursor image at all.

Refactor code into weston_compositor_add_idle

The same pattern occurs all over Weston: wl_display_get_event_loop(); wl_event_loop_add_idle(). Write a new function weston_compositor_add_idle() to replace this pattern with a single function call.

Also write documentation for weston_compositor_add_idle().

wayland-scanner version (almost done)

Add a command line argument to print the wayland-scanner version (the version of the libwayland it came from).
Have wayland-scanner emit a comment with the version number in every file it generates.

This will help cases where people might have multiple libwaylands and wayland-scanners, some in PATH, some not. If you happen to use wayland-scanner more recent than libwayland, the generated code may not link.

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